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Title: First date
Spoilers: Listening to the rain on the roof
Disclaimer: abc
Rated: PG

Summary: Bree´s and Orson´s first date.

Bree Van De Kamp closed the front door behind her, then turned around to the man next to her.
Orson Hodge was as soaked as she was but still it had been the most perfect date imaginable, including the most romantic first kiss she could have hoped for, a kiss in the pouring rain.
“I need to put your clothes through the dryer, you´ll catch a cold in them- you can wear one of Rex´s old robes in the meantime- if you don´t mind” She added, a bit unsure what his reaction to that offer would be.
To her enormous relief Orson just smiled and nodded and she led the way up into her bedroom and took a robe that had belonged to her former husband out of the dresser, glad that she had decided to keep them.
She watched Orson walk over into the bathroom and waited until he had shut the door before she began to undress herself.
She put on a pair of slacks and a green cashmere sweater and had just begun to blow dry her hair when Orson returned into the room, his wet clothes folded over his arm.
“I didn´t know your hair was so curly” He stated, stepping over to her.
“Well, that´s what it looks like if I don´t straighten it.”
She put the hair dryer away and got up, then took his clothes from him.
“I´ll put them into the dryer then, do you want a cup of tea or coffee or anything else?”
“Tea would be great- and it´s very nice of you to dry my clothes, it wouldn´t have been very comfortable to drive home in them.”
“And it would have meant you´d have left straight away.”
Bree felt herself blushing as soon as the words had left her mouth and Orson smiled tenderly at her.
He leaned in and Bree closed her eyes when his lips covered her´s again, very gently this time- she was rapidly falling in love with him and it felt wonderful.
When they broke apart, Orson´s hand remained lying on the base of her neck a moment longer than necessary, then he reluctantly let go of her and Bree led the way downstairs.
Orson sat down at the kitchen table while Bree put his trousers and skirt into the dryer, then walked over to the kitchen counter and began making tea.
She felt Orson´s eyes following every movement when she took a plate out of the cupboard and filled it with cookies and blushed, the plain way of showing her his affection confused and excited her all at once.
She put cups and the teapot down on the table and then the plate with cookies before sitting down on a chair next to her date.
“That was a lovely lunch.”
Orson nodded, reaching for her hand and gently brushing his thumb over her skin.
“Yes, it was- you were lovely.”
“Orson…” She felt the blush in her cheeks deepen and hastily busied herself with pouring tea. “Well, it´s true. You´re impossible beautiful- and you´re smart and easy to talk to and I´m the luckiest man on earth to have had the chance to take you out.”
Bree looked up, lost for words.
Showing her that he was attracted to her was one thing but saying it out loud like this was something else.
“You were welcome to.”
His hand found her´s again as he asked “So can I assume we´ll do this again?”
Bree heart began to beat a bit faster, she had been waiting to hear the question ever since they had gotten back to her house.
“Yes, of course.”
Her voice was barely more than a whisper, she was so afraid to make the wrong decision by opening up to yet another man instead of holding him on a healthy arm´s lengths and try and sort out that horrible mess her life had become alone but he made her feel so good…
Orson lifted her hands up to his lips, gently kissing her fingertips, one after another, his gaze never leaving her´s.
The spell was broken by the buzzing of the dryer and Bree gently withdrew her hand from Orson´s.
“I´ll go and get your clothes out.”
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