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Rating: R
Spoilers: It takes two
Disclaimer: Disney

"Passion- next part"

Summary: See part one.

She doesn´t giggle when he picks her up and carries her over through the door of their hotel-room- this isn´t about tow newlyweds playing some foolish game, this is about him overpowering her and her willingly giving in to him.
No word is spoken between them as he takes her over into the bedroom of their suite, no vows of eternal love and never ending devotion, they both know, there is no need to say it out loud, there never was, it has been clear between them from their very first touch.
He halts in front of the bed and kisses her, a deep kiss full of longing, a kiss that promises her everything he has to give.
She pulls him down on the bed with her, no longer able to control herself and he allows her to push his coat off his arms before he grabs her wrists and forces her down into the sheets, now he can finally have what he wants and he has no intention to rush it.
He kisses her again, then sits up and pulls her up with him before taking the pins out of her hair.
It falls around her face and spills over her milky- white shoulders, he lifts up his hands and slowly combs them through the fiery strands, savouring the silky feeling against his skin.
His hands glide over her shoulders and down her back to the zip of her dress, brining it down, his fingertips slide over the newly exposed skin and he parts the corsage, letting the cloth pool down around her waist.
She lifts her hips so he can get her out of the dress and then she´s lying on the sheets in nothing but lacy white lingerie and silky stockings.
He looks at her for minutes, just taking her in, every curve of her flawless body, the faint glow of the moonlight on her porcelain skin.
He watches the effect he´s having by just looking at her- her pupils delete as her eyes darken, a deep red flush appears on her fair skin, her breath quickens as her whole body tenses in anticipation.
She bites her lip and he knows she had almost asked him to touch her and she knows he wouldn´t have appreciated it.
Perfection takes time and that´s what he is intending to archive every time he makes love to her, this and noting less for nothing less could ever be good enough for her.
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