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Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season three
Disclaimer: Not mine
Paring: Bree/Orson

"Family Portrait"

Summary: See part one.

Bree led the way over into the kitchen and put the bag she had been carrying onto the counter, then began to unpack it. Orson, who had followed her, put the remaining bags down, then opened the fridge and began to refill it. “So what do you want for dinner?” “You havn´t planned anything?” “Not really, I wanted to ask you- I´ve decided all week long.” “Well, you´re the one who cooks so that´s how it´s supposed to be, isn´t it?” Bree smiled at her husband. “If you say so- ok, so I´ll try and come up with something- by the way, have you sorted out your paper work?” “Yes, I have- it won´t take more than two or three hours tomorrow, so I´ll be on time to help you with everything.” “Orson, you don´t have to-“ “Shh.” Orson stepped over to her and placed a soft kiss onto her lips. “Don´t even say it- I want to. And now go upstairs and change and I´ll put away the rest of your shopping. And then I´ll cook for a change, you´ll be in the kitchen half of the day tomorrow anyway.” “But-“ He silenced her with a glance, then nudged her gently into the direction of the staircase. “Go on, or I will be finished before you´re even back down here.”

Orson watched Bree leave the kitchen and smiled to himself, she was so sweet when she tried over and over again to stay in control of everything just to give in every time eventually. He unpacked the bags and put them away, then took a package of rice out of a cupboard and opened the fridge again, searching for the ingredients he would need for his risotto. He loved cooking it for Bree, not only because she enjoyed it so much but also because he had cooked it for her the night she had accepted his proposal.

Bree had just gotten out of the shower when the phone on her bedside table started to ring. She quickly wrapped a towel around her wet hair, then took the receiver. “Hello?” “Bree? It´s Gabby- I´m really sorry to bother you but could you look after Chrissy for an hour? Carlos and I want to go for a walk and talk and- well- I think it would be better without taking her with us.” Bree sighed, Orson would freak when he heard about this. “Have you called-“ “Yes, I have, no one is at home except you- please, Bree, she´ll be sleeping anyway and I promise to pick her up again in an hour.” Bree briefly closed her eyes, then said “All right.” “Thank you, you´re the best friend imaginable.” Gabrielle hung up and Bree smiled painfully. She somehow had the feeling that her husband wouldn´t care about that…

“Bree, please, tell me you´re joking… Not twice in one day.” Orson looked pleadingly at his wife. “Darling, I´m so sorry, she won´t bother you, she´ll sleep and when we´ve finished dinner Gabrielle will pick her up again, anyway.” Orson crossed his arms over his chest, he was seriously annoyed and he wasn´t afraid of showing it. Bree stepped over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, looking up at him through her long eyelashes. “Don´t be like that, I´ll make it up to you later, I promise…” She kissed him and Orson sighed. “All right, I´ll try and get over it.” “Thank you, you´re just to good to be true.”

Carlos lifted the baby- carriage up the front steps and smiled at Bree. “Thank you so much, we really appreciate your help.” “That´s all right- I´ll see you in an hour then.” “Yes, of course.” Bree closed her front door and looked down into at the sleeping child, hoping that Christina simply would stay that sweet and quiet until her parents came back here. She carefully tugged the blanket in a bit tighter around the small girl, then left the baby- carriage in the hallway and walked back over into the kitchen where her husband had already set the table. “That looks wonderful” She told him, sitting down and Orson smiled. “Just for you.” He put the plates down at the table, then sat down next to his wife and poured her a glass of water. “You really think she´ll stay like this?” “What, asleep? I hope so- but Gabby has fed her before she has brought her over and normally she should- babys aren´t little monsters, you know.” She chuckled and Orson frowned. “I wouldn´t be too sure about that- I bet if she was aware of the fact that we want to sit here and have dinner she would start screaming right now.” “She wouldn´t- and even if she did, she wouldn´t do it to annoy us, she´s too small for that.” “If you say so- I hope she knows that too.”
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