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Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Like it was
Disclaimer: Not mine


Summary: Set after the kitchen scene.

Speaking of nightmares- Orson was sure that Bree was just going trough one right now but it was nothing compared to what would happen if Mike Delphino would tell anyone…
She turned around to him.
“Has Susan said anything about Mike? Is he all right? People who have been in a coma for a long time often suffer from amnesia- or even brain damage.”
“No, no I havn´t talked to her, Gabrielle called me and she didn´t know it from Susan either- I´m sorry, I can´t think right now.”
She sat down on the sofa again, staring into the fire apparently without seeing anything at all and Orson watched her for a while, thinking how peaceful this evening could be if he just had shut up about Andrew when he knew she wouldn´t be able to cope with her guilt and Mike Delphino hadn´t decided to come back into his life and threaten to tear everything apart. Orson took his mug of cacao and walked over to the sofa, putting the mug down and sitting down next to his wife.
“Hey…” He cupped her cheek, his thumb gently brushing away the single tear that was clinging to her eyelashes.
“Don´t cry, that won´t change anything- it´s over now, you have to look forward, not back.” “I´m the worst mother alive.”
Bree closed her eyes, leaning into his comforting touch, her hand covering his.
“Darling, you´re not- you love both of them so much, I´m sure Andrew has realized that now and Danielle will in time.”
“I wouldn´t be too sure about that.”
She sounded weary and Orson took her mug away from her and placed it onto the table next to his before pulling her close to him.
“You have to be patient, it won´t happen today or tomorrow but they´ll both come around eventually.”
He kissed her hair, enjoying the way her body fitted against his, how she trusted him so completely and he felt his heart swelling with tenderness.
“I love you.”
He wasn´t even sure if she had heard his quiet words but then she looked up at him and Orson closed his eyes when her soft lips covered his.
“Make love to me.”
She breathed against his lips, her hands gliding up his chest to the collar of his shirt.
He asked, feeling amazed- even though she had considerably loosened up during the brief time they had been married she had never yet suggested having sex anywhere but in the bed- room- though of course the idea of staying here next to the hot, blazing fire was tempting. “Yes.”
She slowly began to unbutton his shirt, her fingertips brushing against his newly exposed skin- his hands found their way underneath her cardigan almost on their own accord, gliding up her back over the silky material of her top.
They continued to undress each other slowly, the process punctured by many languid kisses and touches and when Orson finally eased Bree down onto the couch her porcelain skin was flushed with arousal.
They both groaned when he pushed himself inside of her and Bree´s eyes fluttered shut as her head feel back against the pillows, a fine layer of sweet beginning to form on her skin.
Orson took his time, slowly and deliciously driving her higher and higher, he wanted to make this perfect for her, wanted to make her forget about everything but their love and devotion for each other.
Bree moaned his name when she came and Orson followed her shortly afterwards, kissing her deeply before closing his arms tightly around her.

Orson tenderly looked down at the woman sleeping in his arms.
The dying fire made Bree´s red hair glow, her skin even paler than usual in contrast.
Orson lightly ran his fingertips up his wife´s upper arm, then brushed her hair away from her shoulder and bent down to kiss her neck.
Bree shifted slightly in his embrace without waking up.
Orson was tempted to just stay down here- it was warm and comfortable next to the fireplace but of course Bree´s children would come home sometime later and they surely wouldn´t appreciate to find them here like this.
Orson was hesitant to wake Bree up however, he was relieved she had fallen asleep at all, he had thought it possible that the guilt she was feeling would keep her awake all night.
So Orson thought it best to just let her sleep- but of course that would mean he had to carry her upstairs and either leaving her alone there while coming back downstairs to collect their clothes that were scattered all over the floor or leaving them down here, both of which Bree wouldn´t approve of.
He compromised by reluctantly disentangling himself from his wife´s body and putting on his boxers before beginning to pick up their clothes, smoothing them out on the sofa next to Bree, then carefully swept his wife up into his arms and carried her over to the staircase and up into their bedroom.
After folding back the sheets he laid her down onto the mattress, then covered her with the sheets, watching her while putting on his robe, making sure he would notice if she woke up. He tiptoed out of the bedroom and hurried back downstairs, gathering their clothes up from the couch and when he arrived back in the bedroom
Bree was still sleeping and Orson relaxed.
He put the clothes away as quiet as possible, thinking of the first and last time he had left Bree asleep in the bedroom, before she had told him about her worst fear, waking up alone in the middle of the night and realizing that he was gone.
He had held her to him, not really knowing what to make of her clinging to him as though drowning, her arms wrapped around his neck so tightly he could hardly breathe while she sobbed into his shoulder for minutes before he could get any other reaction out of her.
She then had told him, about her husband and how he had moved out of the bedroom first and then out of the house and filed for divorce before she had found out that he was sleeping with another woman and how it had broken her heart.
About George, who had told her that he loved her and that he would never hurt her and who then had threatened to leave her if she wouldn´t agree to have sex with him.
About Peter who had been her last anchor when her life dissolved around her and whom she had found in bed with Andrew in the end.
And she had told him about how Danielle had run away from home and she hadn´t been able to sleep anymore, all alone in this house and inher bed and forsaken by everyone she had ever loved in her life- and Orson had kissed away her tears and held her tight and promised her that he would never leave her alone again and that she would never again have to doubt being loved.
Orson put his robe back into the dresser, then walked over into the bathroom to brush his teeth, leaving the door wide open, again in case Bree woke up before he was back in the bedroom.
He had just dried off his hands when he heard her moving in the bed.
“I´m here, Darling.”
He closed the bathroom door behind him and took a nightgown for Bree out of the dresser on his way over to the bed.
She smiled when he handed it to her, then pulled it over her head before folding back the sheets for him.
“Thank you for not waking me.”
Orson switched off the lamp on his nightstand, then laid down and pulled Bree close to him. She kissed him softly before settling into his arms, her head coming to rest on his chest.
“I was kind of hoping you wouldn´t wake up at all.”
Bree sighed, her fingers tracing patterns on her husband´s chest.
“I´m ok, really- it just was a shock- when I told him to look for a job I was more thinking along the lines of delivering papers or washing cars, not- well, you know.”
“I think he subconsciously wanted to be as miserable as possible.”
“You mean so I would feel even more guilty in the end?”
Orson didn´t answer, he knew that she had understood him accurately and that her question hadn´t really been one.
“Try and go back to sleep, ok?”
“Yes, I will- I´m so sorry about all that, about you having to deal with my catastrophic family structures all the time, that surely wasn´t what you expected when you asked me to marry you-“
“Bree, I knew you have children and I knew that it wouldn´t be easy but I don´t care, I love you and I want to be with you and that´s all that matters. And besides being a substitute father also has it´s good sides- right, I havn´t found them yet, but-“
Bree chuckled.
“You´re awful.”
“Well, I made you laugh after all- that´s something.”
“Yes- I love you.”
“I love you too. We could go out tomorrow night, just you and me, what do you think?”
“You think it´s safe to leave them alone in the house?”
Orson shrugged.
“We can give them some money and tell them to stay out as long as they want.”
Bree actually laughed this time and Orson pushed his luck by starting to tickle her, sending her into a fit of giggles.
“Orson, stop it, please-“
She sounded breathless and obeyed and instead he turned her onto her back and looked into her eyes.
“You know I´ll always be there for you, whatever happens, don´t you?”
“Yes. Of course I know that- that´s part of why I love you so very much.”
Her fingers laced through his hair and she pulled his face down to her´s to kiss him.
Orson responded gently, hoping against hope that everything would be all right, that by some miracle Mike Delphino wouldn´t tell anyone about his past, that Bree would fall asleep easily and wake up in the morning and feel happy again but he knew it wouldn´t be that easy.
There was no reason to believe that Mike wouldn´t talk- and in the morning Bree would still feel she had failed her son.
All he could do was trying to shut Mike up, whatever it might take- and to hold his wife in his arms, making her feel warm and safe and loved.
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